Liar (Counsellor) Hustle (Clare/Auction House Receptionist) Sam Donovan
You, Me and Them (Sue) Hat Trick Productions Ben Gosling Fuller
Any Human Heart (Nurse) Carnival Productions Michael Samuels
The Bill (Katherine Wendall) ITV Gary Love
Campus (Pilot) (Grace) Monicker Pictures/Channel 4 Victoria Pile
No Heroics (Caley the Waitress) Tiger Aspect Productions Ben Gregor
MI High (Policewoman) Kudos Film and Television Toby Haynes
Silent Witness (Nurse Stella) BBC Diarmud Lawrence
Doctors (Lilla) BBC Gloria Thomson
Hustle (Clare/Auction House Receptionist) Kudos Film and Television/BBC Alrick Riley
The Story of Tracy Beaker (Jenny) BBC Delyth Thomas
Lenny Henry Show (Naomi) BBC
Holby City (Kiesha) BBC David Jackson
Doctors (Sarah) BBC John Madden
Babyfather Series 1 & 2 (Marcia) BBC Alrick Riley
Goodbye Mr Steadman (Suzie Buchanan) Alibi Productions Sandy Johnson
Holby City (Maria) BBC Jim Shields
The Bill (Pamela) Pearson Jim Shields/Robert Del Maestro
Eastenders BBC Keith Boak
London’s Burning (Groupie) London Weekend Television John Reardon
Wonderful You Hartswood Johnah Curimes
Jack and Jeremy's Real Lives (Actress) BBC John Stroud
The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show(Special Agent) BBC David Tyler
Red Nose of Courage Comic Strip BBC Peter Richardson
Fashion Challenge WTN
Grange Hill (Girl In Cafe) BBC Vivienne Cozens
Hands Across The World World Wide TV Tim Sparks
So You Think You’ve Got Trouble Alomo/BBC Mike Holgate
Missing Finger BBC/Betsan Films Simon Cella Jones
Lifeschool ‘Listen to Me’ BBC TV Andy Walker
Houseparty Thames



A Sense Of An Ending (Emma) Origin Pictures Ritesh Batra
A Long Way Down (Nurse) BBC Films Pascal Chaumeil
Outlaw (Marcia) O Films Nick Love
The Exorcist II Paul Schrader
Sliding Doors (Receptionist) Intermedia Films Peter Howitt
Crocodile Snap BBC/Zenith Joe Wright
Circus (Jewellers Assistant) Circus Pictures Rob Walker



Doubt (Mrs Muller) Masquerade Theatre, Malta Anthony Bessina
Bones (Beauty/Boy) Samuel Beckett Thea Barbara Bairbrenichaoimh
Believe What You Will (Taja and Queen of Bythina) RSC Josie Rourke
A New Way To Please You (Hippolyta) RSC Robert Delamere
Thomas Moore (Lady Mayoress) RSC Sean Holmes
Theatre Café (Various Roles) Arcola Theatre John Caird / Guy Retallick
Urban Afro Saxons (Amanda) Talawa Th. Co Paulette Randall
In Arabia We’d All Be Kings (Daisy Hampstead Th. Robert Delamere
Death and the Kings Horseman (Bride) Royal Exchange Phyllida Lloyd



Strange as it May Seem BBC Radio Micheal Lynch
African Stories (Series) BBC Radio Darren Garret
Lost Boy BBC World Service Anna Jones
The Bob Champion Story Swedish Radio Dan Garret
Friends BBC Radio Adam Fraser-Soloman