Grantchester (Annabelle) ITV1 Harry Bradbeer
Call The Midwife III (Jeanette) BBC Minkie Spiro
Luther III (Kiera Mills) BBC Darren Blackburn
Case Histories II: Nobody's Darling (Rachel) BBC David Richards
New Tricks (Georgia) BBC Matthew Evans
Lost In Austen (Charlotte Lucas - 2 eps) ITV 1 Dan Zeff
Low Winter Sun (DC Louise Cullen) Tiger Aspect Adrian Shergold
Doctor Who (Lady Isabelle) BBC Euros Lynn
Whatever Love Means (Lady Diana) Granada David Blair
Sugar Rush (Miss Forbes) Shine/Channel 4 Sean Grundy
Sea of Souls* (Claire Morrison - 2 eps) BBC Brian Kelly
*Nominated for Best Newcomer at The Scottish BAFTAS 2005



Bohemian Rhapsody (Shelley Stern) GK Films Bryan Singer
Blue Christmas (Lily - short) NYU, Tisch School of the Arts Charlotte Wells
Iona (Elizabeth) Bard Entertainments Scott Graham
Scrubbers (Neighbour - short) Label Pictures Romola Garai
The Broken (Kate) Broken Films Sean Ellis
Atonement (Fiona) Working Title Joe Wright
Chosyu Faibu (Emily) Carter Films Sho Igarashi
Driving Lessons (Briony) Content Film Jeremy Brock
Sucking is a Fine Quality in Women and Vacuum Cleaners (The Wife) Nina Bradley



The Distance (Bea) Crucible Theatre/Orange Tree Charlotte Gwinner
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theatre Alba Charles Nowosielski
The Magic Quest Theatre Alba Clunie Mackenzie
Time and the Conways Theatre Royal Bath/UK Tour Richard Baron
The Burning Theatre Alba Charles Nowosielski



The Night They Tried to Kidnap the Prime Minister BBC Jeremy Mortimer
Dirt Under The Carpet Mermaids Niall Munro
Artist Descending a Staircase Mermaids Colin Spurway