Wonderboy (Captain Chatter) BOVTS Claire O'Reilly
The Dissociation of Shirley Mason (Dr. Florres) BOVTS Peter Leslie Wild
Clybourne Park (Albert/Kevin) BOVTS Jenny Stephens
Four Play (Michael) BOVTS Liam Blain
Our Lady of 121st Street (Flip) BOVTS Audrey Sheffield
Talking in Tongues (Bentley) BOVTS Anton Phillips
The Rover (Don Pedro) BOVTS Chloe Masterton
The Winter's Tale (Leontes) BOVTS Tom Sherman
Bull (Tony) BOVTS Emma Callander
DNA (Phil) National Youth Theatre Sean Hollands
Troilus and Cressida (Troilus) BOVTS John Hartoch
A Love Letter to Cloud Seekers (Ben) National Youth Theatre Jude Christian