Eastenders (Harry Beckett) BBC1 John Howlett
Holby City (Jake Simpson) BBC1 Steve Brett
Holby City (Lennie) BBC1 Richard Signy
Utopia Channel 4 Sam Donovan
Law and Order (Thomas King) BBC1 Jill Robertson
Outnumbered (Brett) BBC1 Andy Hamilton/ Guy Jenkins
Job Lot (Darren - 2 eps) Big Talk Richard Laxton
Doctors (Adrian Small) BBC Various
Holby City (Micky) BBC Jamie Annett
The Bill (Carl Adams) ITV1 Karl Neilson
Casualty (Kenny) BBC Di Patrick
Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story BBC Andy De Emmony
Robin Hood (2 eps) BBC John McKay
Waste of Shame BBC John McKay
As Time Goes By BBC Sydney Lotterby
Dunkirk (Garside) BBC Alex Holt
Holby City BBC Clive Arnold
The Bill Thames Crispin Reece
Doctors BBC Darcy Martin
Forgotten LWT Ben Bolt
Midsomer Murders Bentley Jeremy Silbertson
The Bill Thames Danny Hiller
Cone Zone (Leo) Tetra Films/Carlton Neville Green
Chriss Cross (Greasy Tony) Central TV
Encounter (Presenter) Central TV
Go Wild (Presenter) Central TV
Chalkface (Neil Gardener) Central TV
Woof II (Race Starter) BBC 2 David Cobham



Tom & Issy (Short - Steve) Tomboy Films Roger Michell
Weekender Karl Golden
Stray Dogs Swedish Film Institute Daniel Alfredsson



Treasure Island Theatre Royal, Haymarket Sean Holmes
No Sweat Birmingham Rep Angus Jackson
The Boy Who Fell Into a Book Nottingham Playhouse Giles Croft
Young Writers’ Season Birmingham Rep Theresa Heskins
Love and Spare Parts (Slick) John Mostyn Productions Theresa Heskins
Antigone (Sentry/Theresis) Contrast Seven Cathy Want
King of the City (Punch Drunk) Central TV Workshop Colin Edwards
Our Day Out (Les) Central TV Workshop Colin Edwards



Hanky Panky (Vince) BBC Radio 5 Michael Fozzard