War and Peace (Self-important Major) BBC Tom Harper
Atlantis (Biton) BBC1 Alice Troughton
Whitechapel (Dai Redman) ITV Daniel Nettheim
Da Vinci's Demons II (Captain Sindona) Fox David Goyer
New Tricks (Coxy) BBC1 Brian Grant
Lewis (Johnny Jay) ITV1 Chris Burt
Pobol Y Cwm (Brandon – regular) BBC Various
The Way We Live Now (John Crumb – 3 eps) BBC David Yates
A Mind To Kill (Patrick Tam) Channel 5 David Evans
Trail Of Guilt (Wilson) BBC Jules Williamson
Casualty (Tony McLaughlan) BBC Michael Owen-Morris
Mortimer’s Law (D.C. Gwil Humphries – series lead) BBC Moira Armstrong
Trial And Retribution (Terry – 2 eps) ITV/La Plante Aisling Walsh
Pie In The Sky (Owen Howell – 2 eps) BBC/SelecTV Malcolm Mowbray
Proposition S4C Gareth Rowlands
Sharpes Gold (Tripper) Celtic Tom Clegg
A Mind To Kill (Rob Hartson) BBC Ed Thomas
Excalibur BBC Colin Thomas
Lifeboat (Geraint Gower – 8 eps) BBC Karl Francis/Dewi Humphreys
Judas And The Gimp (Dancer Davis) HTV Karl Francis
Sticky Wickets (Keith) BBC Dewi Humphreys
Tell Tale (Norman Tibbs) HTV Dewi Humphreys
Tender Loving Care BBC Dewi Humphreys
Rescue 999 BBC Philipa Cousins
Bad Company NFTS Julian Richards



Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (Grizzled Australian Wizard) Warner Brothers David Yates
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Barman) 20th Century Fox Tim Burton
The Crow (Taw) Crow Films
Under Milk Wood (Butcher Beynon) Ffatti Films Wyndham Price
The Lord of the Rings – The Return of The King (voice of Witch King) New Line Cinema Peter Jackson
A Way of Life (Terry Williams) AWOL Films Amma Asante
From Hell (Officer Bolt) 20th Century Fox Hughes Bros
Unconditional Love Avery Pix P J Hogan
Gladiator (Praetorian Officer) Dreamworks Ridley Scott
Beautiful People Channel 4 Jasmin Dizdar
Twin Town (Chunky) Polygram Kevin Allen
The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill... Miramax Chris Monger
Whistling Boy Teliesyn Geoff Moore



King Lear (Cornwall) RSC Yukio Ninagawa
The Changing Room Royal Court James Macdonald
Under Milk Wood (First Voice) National Roger Michell
Macbeth (Macbeth) WNO Huw Thomas



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