Churchill: Winning the War, Losing the PeaceChurchill: Winning the War, Losing the PeaceChurchill: Winning the War, Losing the Peace (Lord Moran) Oxford Film & TV/BBC Chris Spencer
Lucan (Albert Hensby) ITV Adrian Shergold
Marple - Endless Night ITV David Moore
Lewis (Seager) ITV Tim Fywel
Monroe (Mr Stevens) ITV Damon Thomas
Law and Order ITV Omar Madha
Miss Marple - Murder Is Easy ITV Hettie Macdonald
Trial and Retribution ITV Ben Ross
Miss Marple - The Moving Finger ITV Tom Shankland
The Brief II - Lack of Effect ITV John Deery
Eastenders (Marcus Christie, semi-reg) BBC Various
The Cazalets BBC Suri Krishnama
Hunting Venus BBC Martin Clunes
Wing & a Prayer Channel 5 Justin Hardy
Undercover Heart BBC Richard Signy
Dangerfield BBC Jim Shields
Scarlet Pimpernel BBC Ed Bennett
McCallum BBC David Tucker
Peak Practice Carlton Simon Massey
Silent Witness BBC Ian Knox
The Brittas Empire (3 Series) BBC Mike Stephens
Pie in the Sky SelecTV Bill Pride
Eastenders BBC Jane Harris
Strange But True LWT Carson Black
Bugs Carnival Andrew Grieve
The Bill Thames Gwenann Sage
Pork Pie H. Barclay Charles Lauder
The Detectives Celador Graeme Harper
No Bananas BBC
Agent Z BBC John Smith
Freddie Starr Carlton David Hillier
Expert Witness LWT Nigel Miller
Heartbeat YTV Graham Harper
The Bill Thames Jeremy Silberston
Crime Monthly BBC James Hawes
Eastenders BBC
Growing Pains BBC Chris Hodson
House of Eliott BBC Graham Harper
Specials BBC Chris Hodson/Chris Baker
Moon and Son BBC Robert Tronson
Minder Euston Roger Banford
EastEnders BBC Philip Casson
Campion BBC Chris Hodson
Making News Thames Geoff Sax
The Bill (Cornel) Thames Phillip Casson
Rockliffe's Folly (Greville) BBC Ron Craddock
South Of The Border (Francis) BBC W Emanuel Jones
Hannay (Rev Kennedy) Thames Guy Slater
Gruey (Ernie Tresswell) BBC R Singleton Turner
Casualty (Geary) BBC Sharon Miller
'Allo 'Allo (Wing Co Belfridge) BBC David Croft
Rockliffe's Babies (PC Lacey) BBC David Attwood
Belman & True (Smith) Euston R Loncraine
Grange Hill (Mr Matthews) BBC Ron Smedley
Lytton's Diary (Rob Turner) Thames M Ferguson
King (Simon Martin) BBC Roy Battersby
Cat's Eyes (Sgt Black) TVS William Brayne
Detective (Sgt Carter) BBC Don Leaver
Grange Hill (Jeff Edwards) BBC David Bell
Dr Who (Bill) BBC Matthew Robinson
The Body in the Library (Mjr Reeve) BBC Silvio Narizzano
Bird of Prey (Mr Conry) BBC Don Leaver
Tucker's Luck (Gerald) BBC Margie Barbour
Young Shoulders (Mr Jessop) BBC Silvio Narizzano
The Old Men At The Zoo (Insp. Martin) BBC Stuart Burge
Breakpoint (Bill) BBC R Singleton Turner
At the Grammar (Malcolm Brearley) Central Roy Battersby
Codename Icarus (The Controller) BBC Marilyn Fox
Together (series regular) Southern Matthew Robinson
The Professionals (Operator) LWT
Nice Work (Patrick) BBC Bernard Thompson
Mackenzie (John) BBC Kenny McBain
Spearhead (Sergeant) Southern James Ormerod
Together (series regular) Southern Matthew Robinson
Minor Complications (Dr Lacey) BBC Moira Armstrong
Rosie BBC Bernard Thompson
Penmarric BBC Tina Wakerell
Enemy at the Door (Feldwebel) LWT Martyn Friend
Crazy Like a Fox Paul Krasne
I'll Take Manhattan Paul Krasne
Foreign Body Ronald Neame
Ed Murrow Story Jack Gold
Florence Nightingale Story Darryl Duke
OSS (pilot) Sheldon Larry



Memory of Water Lewis Gilbert
Secrets and Lies Mike Leigh
Object of Beauty Michael Lindsay Hogg
Number One Les Blair
Voyage of the Damned Stuart Rosenberg
A Bridge Too Far Richard Attenborough
Bleak Moments Mike Leigh



The One You Love Royal Court Tim Luscombe
Mrs Warren's Profession Theatr Clwyd Caroline Eves
Rookery Nook Salisbury Peter James
Absurd Person Singular Mill at Sonning Ted Craig
The Power and the Glory Chichester Tim Luscombe
Design For Living Sheffield Clare Venables
Harlequinade (Police Sgt) Royalty Tim Luscombe
The Three Sisters (Kulyghin) Bristol Paul Unwin
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg Cardiff Gareth Armstrong
Taking Steps (Leslie) Bristol Antony Cornish
Dirty Linen (McTeazle) Derby Rob Bettinson
The Ghost Train (Teddy) Derby Kevin Robinson
Present Laughter (Henry) Derby Chris Honer
The Elephant Man (Treves) Derby Kevin Robinson
Layers (David) I.C.A. Drew Griffiths
The Case of the Oily Levantine Derby Kevin Robinson
The Mousetrap (Giles) St Martins Frank Hauser
Origins (Charles Darwin) Edinburgh Festival
Toad of Toad Hall (Badger) Peterborough Kevin Robinson