This year marks the centenary of the start of World War I and the television industry has been a huge advocate in commemorating this momentous occasion in history. One such programme is BBC Three’s Our World War: a series of three stand-alone episodes, immersing viewers in the in the real stories of British troops serving on the front line. This week, catch the brilliant Lewis Reeves , who can currently be seen in My Night With Reg at the Donmar. Lewis plays Henry Delaney- one of a group of Manchester friends who joined up to fight together, forming a new battalion known as ‘Pals’, who find themselves in the first Battle of the Somme in 1916. Next Thursday, the focus is on the Battle of Amiens in August 1918 and stars our very own Chris Reilly in the role of Dodds. This enthralling, poignant series highlights the stories of real people and their experiences- definitely not one to miss.

Our World War, featuring Lewis Reeves, be seen on BBC3 at 9pm Thursday 14th August. The episode featuring Chris Reilly can be seen on BBC3 at 9pm on Thursday 21st August. 

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