On May 10th our own Orlando Seale will be performing at Kings Place with his band Orlando Seale and The Swell

This promises to be the band’s most exciting and ambitious concert to date: a Swell collage of songs, soundscapes, performance, and film. “Join us as we travel from the dark steel of the underground, via Gin street and the sleepless neon of the supermarket, to the shining towers of the City.”

If you haven’t been to Kings Place yet, this is a great opportunity to come and explore one of London’s newest and most beautiful arts venues, with a gallery and restaurant. It is also home to the Guardian newspaper! 

You can book tickets by clicking on the link below.

A nine piece, orchestral band with such freshness, and vigor, and power and newness about the writing and the delivery…It really swept us away…You must try and see Orlando Seale and The Swell if you possibly can.” Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

Like a male Florence and the MachineNoel Fielding

A ballsy, bohemian behemoth coming on like Jarvis Cocker fronting the Arcade Fire with a petite orchestra of drum-beating and string-serenading beauties.” Will Rees, Wilderness Festival/London Folk Guild

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