LUCY BENJAMIN OFFIE nominated for her role in HERE at The Southwark Playhouse



“Monica — beautifully played by EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin — is trapped in a world of her own too. We can see that she is too fond of a glass of wine, and that her relationship with her quietly religious husband, Jeff (the soft-spoken Mark Frost) is under strain”



“Benjamin is superb – so detailed and believable. Her Monica is tightly coiled, strands of her pulled-back hair constantly unravelling – just like she is – as she tries to hold the family and herself together”



“The best of these, Monica’s vitriolic rejection of the kids and ever younger teachers she works with as well as her daughter’s unsuitable girlfriend, delivered with relish by Benjamin, has genuine shock value in the depth of its venom”



“Lucy Benjamin is a standout as Jess’ mother Monica. Initially hard-natured and always one word away from an argument, Lucy’s incomparable acting ability gives an audience an instant understanding and connection to the character, who beautifully reveals more sides to her as the play progresses”


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