Last week, The Nether – American writer Jennifer Haley’s creepily gripping take on online ethics in the guise of a detective drama – opened at the Royal Court. Set in a (perhaps) not so distant future, the Internet has morphed into “The Nether”- a virtual reality where people can exist as avatars, living out their fantasies. Inevitably though, dark zones of the Nether have grown, where adults can engage in sexual and violent role-play with virtual children. One such site, started by businessman Sims (Stanley Townsend) and known as “The Hideaway”, is being investigated by detective Morris (Amanda Hale). Featuring our own Ivanno Jeremiah as Woodnut, this chilling and thought-provoking co-production with Headlong has received outstanding reviews. We, along with the critics, implore you to check it out before it finishes.

“Bravo to Vicky Fetherstone and Headlong for programming this authentically challenging piece.” Paul Taylor, THE INDEPENDENT, *****

“This is mind-bending, it’s ingenious and it’s ethically challenging… Superbly cast and stunningly designed” Kate Bassett, THE TIMES, *****

“A thought-provoking, deeply disconcerting success. It is a piece that taps into one of the most urgent and disturbing issues of our times.” Charles Spencer, THE TELEGRAPH, ****

The Nether runs at The Royal Court Theatre until 9th August 2014.

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