nut, a new play written and directed by debbie tucker green, opened this week at National Theatre’s temporary space, The Shed.  An unflinching examination of reality and sanity, nut is an intense and blackly comic piece of theatre which stars our very own Sharlene Whyte.  There have been some lovely mentions for Sharlene in the reviews, so make sure you don’t miss her.

nut plays at The Shed until the 5th of December   

Sharlene and Gershwyn Eustache Jr as the bickering marrieds capture the haunting rhythm of dialogue Michael Billington The Guardian 4*

The overlapping dialogue of (…) Sharlene Whyte may well be the most natural I have heard on a stage Ian Shuttleworth The Financial Times 4*

In the scene between the warring ex-husband and wife, powerfully played by Sharlene Whyte (…) the play suddenly becomes raw and powerful Charles Spencer The Daily Telegraph

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