SID SAGAR is appearing in The Starry Messenger at Wyndham’s Theatre, which pressed last week to excellent reviews. Written by Kenneth Lonergan, the play follows melancholic astronomy teacher Mark (played by Matthew Broderick) as he marvels at the beauty of the universe but struggles to relate to the people around him. Sid plays Ian, one of Mark’s more “challenging” students…

Here is just a selection of praise the production has received:


‘…there are moments of wry laughter – most of them involving Sid Sagar as Mark’s splendidly obnoxious student Ian.’

***Evening Standard

‘…there are laughs, real ones that you remember…’

**** The Times

‘…there is a very funny turn from Sid Sagar as the student gleaming with evangelical zeal as he fulfils his self-appointed task of marking Broderick as his teacher.’

***The Observer


The Starry Messenger runs at Wyndham’s Theatre until 10th August.

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