The Sunshine Boys opens to glowing reviews


The Sunshine Boys opened last night to rave reviews. It marks Danny DeVito’s West End debut. He stars alongside Richard Griffiths and together they make up a Vaudeville duo called “Lewis and Clark”. The wonderful ADAM LEVY plays his nephew and agent, Ben who suggests them reviving their act. Here are a selection of the nice mentions so far for Adam’s performance:


“… tended by his nephew and agent, Ben, whose frustrated fondness is beautifully captured by Adam Levy. CBS wants the pair to re-create an old routine, and the process of persuasion between Levy and DeVito is consistently hilarious”

Libby Purves: The Times (Friday May 18 2012)


“The excellent Adam Levy brings pep and personality to Ben’s frustration and the cross-talk has just the right buoyant snappiness.”

Paul Taylor: The Independent (Friday May 18 2012)

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